Incoming Samples

Raw materials delivered are tested in the laboratory in order to ensure quality. 

By transporting the incoming samples with the pneumatic tube system, the idle time of trucks or trains is considerably shortened and thus costs incurred enormously reduced. 


The ongoing quality monitoring of goods produced presents logistical challenges for many companies.

System solutions adapted to each customer makes our pneumatic tube system highly efficient and the cheapest transport option for quality assurance. 


Documents and original files often have to be carried through huge buildings and work premises.

The costs for manual transportation of these goods are often overlooked.

Our pneumatic tube systems make it possible to transport these goods quickly and spontaneously. 


Conveyor belt logistics, production lines and commissioning.

Modern pneumatic tube conveyors help optimize production processes and control the flow of material 

Laboratory Connections

Different areas of the business, including product manufacturing, product reception, offices and production lines, all connect the pneumatic tube system together.

Depending on the requirements of each situation, the systems are accordingly integrated into the workflow.

The high uptime and reliability allows the workflow of companies worldwide to fully depend on the pneumatic tube system. 

Special Requirements

The pneumatic tube system software can be combined with other software programs and ERP systems.
Modern database connections and communication interfaces allow for a seamless transition between multiple systems and also improve workflow.
Any shipping information can be passed on to your administration software.