Security Transport

Shipping Documents

Personal documents such as passports, driver's licenses or ID cards must not fall into the wrong hands and must therefore be treated with great confidence.
If such documents frequently have to be exchanged between restricted and accessible areas, special pneumatic tube systems can significantly help to facilitate the workload. In combination with fully automatic storage systems for those documents, the highest level of security and simplicity is achieved.  

Register - Safe Box Transportation

Wherever a large amount of cash is handled in public areas, a pneumatic tube system can ease daily operation.
Such systems help supermarkets, gas stations and banks, for example, to keep the sum of cash at the registers low and to reduce the risk of robbery.
In shopping centers, several stores can be connected to a night safe, reducing the risk of robbery for companies and personnel. 


Singular casino tables can be connected to the main register, restaurants, or cages.
Special security supervision sounds the alarm if a capsule has not reached its intended destination on time. All the necessary transport information is saved in order to allow for full traceability.

Security Transport

Goods are sent from a public area to the secure area. 
Some registers at supermarket are connected to the safe box.
The sum of cash at the cash registers is thus kept low, reducing risk for both customers and staff.
A decision is made as to whether material can only be sent from the registers to the safe box or if the registers are also supplied with change from a central location (one-way or two-way operation).

Special Requirements

Secure transport means transporting goods such as cash, credit cards, passports or casino chips from an "unsafe" area to "safe" area.
The risk for the personnel working in the "unsafe" area is therefore lowered.
For example, the cash in the registers at supermarkets can be sent to a central safe box. It is then possible to build in an authorization system at the safe box in order to specify who is and is not allowed to open it. 
Furthermore, all information regarding the transport and the opening of the safe box is saved and sent to the customer in the form of a complete report.