From solar hot water to complete heating systems

One system for many applications

There are 5 types of FP controls with from 1-10 outputs available.
The FP controls can be set individually using their PC software or through the controller's display.

For a variety of hydraulic systems the controllers have pre-programmed settings, which can be loaded directly and adjusted as appropriate.

Using the free sensor assignment and flexible functions a wide range of facilities can be operated with the FP controls.
From simple solar hot water systems to complex heating systems with several heat sources and heating circuits, anything is possible.plexen Heizungen mit mehreren Wärmequellen und Heizkreisen ist alles möglich.


  • Differential or reheat functions, thermostat function and heat demand linkages between outputs and functions
  • Priority function for solar systems with several circuits
  • Functions for solar systems with 2 differently oriented collector arrays
  • Daily and weekly operation schedule
  • Outside temperature-dependent heating circuit with mixer
  • Pump speed control
  • Calorimetry
  • Integrated data logger (in FP1, FP2 and FP3 optional)
  • Free sensor assignment
  • Mode switching with buttons for each output and LED display
  • Configurable menu for end-users


Using a serial interface, the FP controllers can be connected to a PC.
The software FP-Line allows quick and easy adjustment of the control and archiving of these, as well as documenting terminal assignment and settings.

If the temperature of the system is not suitable, the correct operation can be tested using the test function.

Using its software the data logger can be set to read and evaluate the controller manually or automatically.

Download FP-line Software