Central ventilation units and air distribution systems

Central ventilation unit

By using function blocks and finished programs a complete ventilation system can be programmed within a very short time.

Air distribution control

The air distribution can be optimally controlled, for example, by integrating the individual room controls. Volume flow units can be controlled using the Belimo MP-Bus or MOD bus.


Central air handling units and energy sources turn on and off as required and contribute significantly to energy savings.

No limitations

Also in the control of ventilation systems, there are no limits to the range of functions.

  • With or without heat recovery
  • Fixed supply air temperature control
  • Exhaust temperature control
  • Differential pressure control¬†
  • Etc.¬†

With the help of HLC controllers any and all system scenarios can be achieved.

With the use of humidity sensors the climatic conditions can be controlled.

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