Heating Systems

From single family homes to industrial plants

Simple or complex hydraulic

Our systems offer the right system for every situation. Whether single-circuit solar system or multiple heating circuits with solar heating.

Find your ideal solution.


Extension of a heater into a heating circuit or a solar system can be done at any time.

Interaction of multiple devices

In today's central heating systems different devices often need to be coordinated with each other.

A modern control system allows the sensible combination of different devices.


In restoration or renovation of old buildings great flexibility is required.
Adjustable programming provides the opportunity for the optimal use of local circumstances.

Easy and simple installation

Simple systems can be very quickly put into operation with the use of pre-programmed FP-controller settings.

Programming and configuration of the controller can also be done individually and independently of pre-programmed settings. This can be done directly on the controller display or via a PC program.

More information about FP-controls

Ideally adaptable

Complex non standard systems or extensions of existing facilities require the most flexibility possible.

Here, the HLC control is used.

Due to the free programming of the controller and the variable connection options a variety of different tasks can be completed.

The integration of existing devices is not a problem.

More information about HLC-controls