Room Control

Intelligent and flexible room control for optimal energy savings

Room climate control

Due to the demand-oriented room control, comfort and energy consumption can be optimized in a home or office building.

Lighting and shade

The blinds and lights in modern buildings can also be automatically adjusted by a home automation controller.

Temperature or lighting brightness are regulated depending on the time of day.

Centralized management

By connecting the substations via CAN bus or network, all data points can be centrally managed and displayed in a visualization.

Control panel with integrated sensor

To operate the heating or solar control the room operating unit including room temperature sensor can be installed in a living area.

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Integration of any room control units

Existing room control units or third-party products can be integrated into a HLC system.
The integration of various room units is achieved with the help of a bus system.

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Modular design

Room control systems can be simply divided by the connection of CAN bus extensions or bus modules.

Wiring paths can be substantially reduced.

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