Thermal solar systems

Optimal solar energy usage

Hot water system

Fast implementation of simple solar thermal systems for hot water by choosing a suitable scheme.

Custom hydraulic

More complex hydraulic settings such as in systems for space heating can be downloaded from the finished schemes, or programmed individually.


All controller types can be equipped with a heat measurement meter.

Data recording

The integrated data logger allows the monitoring and analysis of system function and facilitates their optimization.

Cost-effective and flexible controls

With the FP controllers the best settings can be chosen from a selection of pre-programmed settings.
Independent of pre-programmed settings, individual settings but can also be manually adjusted.

Programming and configuration of the controller can be carried out directly on the controller display or via a PC program.

More information about FP-controls

Programmable controllers

Complex, non standard, solar systems can be operated with the HLC controller.

Prefabricated program blocks for solar systems ensure fast and clear programming on the PC.

More information about HLC-controls